Portrait of the journalist, by the journalist's sister

Portrait of the journalist, by the journalist's sister

Hello! I'm a writer and editor living in Brooklyn, NY (like so many others). I write largely about the intersection of art and politics—or just art and the world—but have also been known to go on at length about cats. In fact, an essay of mine about cat videos was published in Cat Is Art Spelling Wrong, a book by Coffee House Press.

In 2016, I was chosen to be the art-writer-in-residence at SPACES in Cleveland, where I spent a month learning about the city in advance of the Republican National Convention. Before that, I won the Best Art Reporting award (for 2014) from the US chapter of the International Association of Art Critics for my work at Hyperallergic, where I was the senior editor for five years. I've also been published in the New York Times Book ReviewGuardian US, The New Republic, The NationThe Paris Review Daily, and other places. I've given readings (Franklin Park Reading Series, Miss Manhattan) and talks (Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts), and been a guest in classrooms (Montclair State University, SUNY Purchase), on panels (National Museum of Women in the ArtsArtPrizeMuseum of Arts and Design), and on podcasts (Modern Art NotesThe Conversation). I'm also happy to serve as a judge for almost anything, whether it's an art event, a tote bag competition, or a cat video festival.

I work as a copy editor and proofreader, too.

I have a master's degree in Cultural Reporting and Criticism from New York University and a bachelor's in Comparative Literature from the University of Michigan.

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